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Daily memo 8-12 May 2017

Welcome to the Parent Zone Daily memo. Here are the stories that have grabbed our attention in education, social care and the digital world...

Friday 12 May 2017

Image: jeffbalbalosa, CC0

Schools under siege

Samurai swords and axes were among thousand of weapons found in schools. Read more.


Finding fault

Former Ofsted head blames some 'charlatan' comprehensive heads for the return of grammar schools. Read more.


Image: Jakobking85, CC0

A father to go further?

Babies with involved dads learn faster, a study finds. Read more.


They shall not pass

iPlayer will soon require a password. Read more.


Just one of those days...

One very grumpy officer manning a Police Facebook account went rogue and attacked parents for not controlling their delinquent youth. Read more.


Thursday 11 May 2017

Image: public domain

Three quarters of parents to reward their children for passing their exams

Poll finds a majority of parents plan to spend an average of £205 per gift. Read more.


KS2 Sats: explained through gifs

17 gifs that sum up the onslaught of Sats week. Read more.


The Local Government Association warns of shortfall in council funding

Children's services will be deeply affected, warn town hall bosses. Read more.


How are schools tackling children's mental health? 

From counselling to art therapy, how are in-school tactics helping improve pupils' mental wellbeing? Read more.


Image: public domain

What video games should kids be playing?

A parent's guide to some of the best video games currently available to children. Read more.


Wednesday 10 May 2017

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School dinner lady baked cannabis cookies and gave them to children

Lesley Collins fed the cookies to four children aged 12 and 13 from Grimsby. Read more.


Welsh schools mental health scheme launched

Time To Change Wales aims to encourage conversation about mental health among children and young people. Read more.


Childhood bullying could mean health risks in adulthood

A study says that both being a bully and being bullied during childhood could lead to negative health, psychological and financial experiences as an adult. Read more.


Nintendo at naptime: how to play video games after having a baby

Doing something fun and familiar can be a huge stress reliever. And why shouldn’t that thing be gaming? Read more.


Image: public domain

Netflix TV ad tricks people into supporting very fake politician Frank Underwood

The advert for the new series of House of Cards, styled like a typical political campaign ad, fools many Australian viewers. Read more.


Tuesday 9 May 2017

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Haribo prescribed for Year 6 pupils

One headteacher sets key action points that children are advised to do in the lead up to their SAT exams. Read more.


Brits installing too many apps

UK Smartphone owners use only half of their installed apps, according to a recent survey. Read more.


Pokémon Go: not just for kids

An interesting blog on how the popular game can make screen time more family friendly. Read more.



Image: public domain 

Fresh warnings made over the Dark Net

From trafficking drugs to planning properties to burgle, the Dark Net is a haven for criminals, Europol chief warns. Read more.


Monday 8 May 2017

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In a spin

You may have noticed the new craze sweeping the nation's playground: fidget spinners. They are good at easing stress, apparently, and are catching on fast and you can even make them out of Lego if you're that way inclined. Read more.


Governing bodies under the spotlight

Schools to get new powers to sack rogue governors. Read more.


Image: Pixel2013, public domain

Ain’t it the truth?

Facebook announce plans to fight fake news during the election campaign. Read more.


Taking things too far

Couple lose custody of children after pranking them on YouTube. Read more.