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Daily Memo 15-19 May 2017



Welcome to the Parent Zone Daily memo. Here are the stories that have grabbed our attention in education, social care and the digital world...


Friday 19 May 2017

Image: CC BY 2.0

Instagram 'worst for young mental health'

The Royal Society for Public Health study says 'social media may be fuelling a mental health crisis' Read more. But that's not what our research shows. Read here.


Finding a place for PSHE in schools

Who should deliver it, what should be delivered and how asks Dr Clare Owen, Teacher and Education Consultant. Read more.


Why are black children missing from the grammar school debate?

How expanding grammar schools will only deepen racial inequalities in our society – and leave more black students behind. Read more.


Grammar schools fail to help 'just about managing' families

Only a third of children from JAM families in selective areas are likely to obtain a place at a grammar school, according to new research. Read more.


Image: Emojipedia


Designs for the much-requested ginger emoji revealed

Emojipedia posts examples of what the designs could look like when released next year. Read more.


Thursday 18 May 2017

Image: CC BY 2.0

New GCSE grading system heightening pupils' anxiety

Teahers voice concern over the impact of new 9-1 system on young people's confidence in the exam hall. Read more.


The 10 most influential video games of all time

The games that shaped video gaming as we know it today. Read more.


Hatching chicks in Primary schools: not so tweet

Campaigners urge schools to ban hatching chicks due to increased levels of unwanted roosters. Read more.


Image: Public Domain

Girlguiding UK freshens up its badge system

Awards in vlogging, entrepeneurship and app design will be offered to Rainbows, Brownies and Guides in the UK. Read more.


Wednesday 17 May 2017

Image: Pixelcreatures, CC0

Hack to school

Schools 'vulnerable' to cyber attack. Read more.


Hello, I must be going

Core academic teachers have high rates of leaving the profession, says a new study. Read more.

Leading the way

Britain’s first university centre dedicated to improving mental health in schools has opened. Read more.

Image: Conger Design, CC0


An 11-year-old boy hacked a cyber-security audience - and a teddy bear - to teach delegates a lesson on the 'weaponisation' of toys. Read more.


First, do no harm

Sharing missing children Facebook posts may put vulnerable kids at risk, say Police. Read more.


Tuesday 16 May 2017 


GCSEs: A revision guide for anxious parents

From cooking your child's favourite meals to making sure they get enough sleep, experts offer tips on what parents can do to help over exams season. Read more.


At least 120 schools adopt gender-neutral uniforms

Primaries adopting the stance faster than secondary schools, says charity Educate & Celebrate. Read more.

US teen dies after drinking caffeine too quickly

Sixteen-year-old collapses after drinking a McDonalds latte, a large Mountain Dew soft drink and an energy drink in just under two hours. Read more.


Three-quarters of primary teachers feel under pressure to work when ill

Poll of 1,500 UK primary teachers shows that 76% work beyond their agreed hours, with 48 % regularly working more than one extra hour a day. Read more.


The best children's books of the year – according to teachers

The contenders for the shortlist of this year's North Somerset Teachers’ Book Award. Read more.


Monday 15 May 2017  

'I am not a happy bunny'

Year 6 pupils reported to be in tears after a particularly ‘difficult’ SATs maths paper. Read more


Can peer led teaching help improve sex education in schools?

Really interesting article in The Guardian on peer to peer education initiatives designed to combat sexting and online abuse. Read more


The estate where carrying a blade is as normal as carrying a mobile phone 

Insight into why young people carry knives as journalist follows former gang member around his home estate in Woolwich. Read more


Preventing cyber attacks 

Following the attack of the WannaCry cyber attack on Friday which hit the NHS hard on Friday, what you can do to prevent such attacks. Read more. 

Ofsted inspectors pelted with food in nightmare school visit

School with one third of pupils in years 7 - 11 regularly absent promptely placed under special measures after unsucessful Ofsted visit. Read more