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Our latest resources

A taste of the monthly resources our Digital Schools and Digital Resilience members have received in recent months:

  • Teacher handout:

Tips on talking to pupils and parents/carers about the popular live streaming app.

  • Parent handout: acceptable behaviour online

Advice for parents and carers to pass on to help children and young people be happy, safe and confident online.

  • Senior Leadership Briefing: sexting

How schools should respond to youth-produced sexual imagery, one year on from the new official UKCCIS guidance.

  • Parent handout: preparing pupils for university and the wider world

Information on clearing, apprenticeships and how to deal with children moving away from home.

  • Teacher handout: Yellow

What to say to pupils and parents about the Snapchat-linked social media app.

  • Senior Leadership Briefing: questions school governors should ask the SMT about online safety provision

Essential information for schools to keep staff up to date on issues affecting pupils' safety.

  • Parent handout: exercises to stay fit on screen

Simple things to help young screen users keep healthy.

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