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The digital age brings opportunities and challenges for children in care and the adults who support them. We offer expert training for foster carers and social workers, booked through their local authority, to help them develop the necessary skills and confidence to keep the children under their care safe online.

For more information, please email or fill in the form below to book. All sessions cost £650 plus VAT excluding travel costs.

 Tech Skills for Foster Carers 

An introductory session designed for carers who would like to improve their skills and confidence when it comes to technology and the internet.

This practical course will teach them the basics of device and online safety, giving them the tools they need to get more involved in their children’s online lives. By the end of the course they will know where to find and set parental controls on the devices their children use, use privacy settings on social media sites such as Facebook and know where to get help if the children in their care are targeted online.

We will ensure that carers have an understanding of the three main points of access – mobile, home broadband and public WiFi – and how to use parental controls to manage access on all three. We include information from the four main Internet Service Providers – BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin.

This is a practical day and requires participants to bring along at least one of the devices their children use at home.

 Fostering in the Digital Age 

This course is for carers who have completed our Tech Skills for Foster Carers training or feel confident in the online world.

The course will teach carers how to take their offline parenting skills online. The session will cover some of the specific challenges of looking after children and help carers to understand and cope with the online risks for children, while offering the opportunity to discuss and receive advice on specific concerns or worries they may have.

 Digital Fostering training for social workers 

In addition to our direct training sessions for foster carers, we offer a one-day training course for social workers to prepare them to support foster carers to effectively manage online issues for the children in their care. Based on our flagship Digital Parenting training, this course has been specifically designed to address the complexities of safeguarding looked after children. It offers a new approach to engaging with foster carers in online safety based on the latest research in the field.

What people say about us

‘Parent Zone delivered training on internet safety for foster carers. The trainer was excellent. She was engaging and knowledgeable and the information was current – which is vital in this ever-changing digital world. Carers went away with the tools and resources to feel confident in protecting and supporting young people online. I would recommend this training for all foster carers.’
Fostering service, Harrow Council

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